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The Art of Freindship: 70 Simple Rules for making Meaningful Connections

Roger Horchow & Sally Horchow

When other friendships have been forgot....." We might wonder today just how many friendships have been "forgot." It's not necessary to detail the reasons for this - fast paced society, miles of separation, ad infinitum. Of course, in this respect, we're thinking of old friends - what about making new ones? Do we take the time to do that, do we know how?

Roger Horchow, founder of the luxury mail order house The Horchow Collection, and his daughter, Sally, have created a small treasure of a book which not only reminds us of the importance of friendship but also offers guidelines on how to nurture relationships of long standing and how to make new friends in today's hectic world. 

Suggestions offered by the Horchow's are simple but true, such as this conversation technique: "To be an active participant in a conversation you must receive as well as give. Don't be so focused on your approach that you forget the goal: to get to know another person. A successful conversation, like a relationship, requires give and take--sometimes at the rigorous pace of a tennis rally and at other times as leisurely as a waltz--and you should be attuned to this pattern. Allow your conversational partner the opportunity to respond; look for ways to draw them into the dance. Do not come on too strong: if you are overly loquacious, argumentative, or revealing, you will end up creating resistance just when you want to lower it. Worst of all, if you don't stop and let him or her respond, you might discourage your new conversational partner entirely." 

Perhaps you sometimes wonder what an appropriate approach might be - you'll find advice on when to e-mail, when to telephone, when to write a note, and when to be there in person. 

Throughout this all too short book the Horchows share some of their experiences regarding friendship, one of the most valuable but perhaps often neglected aspect of our lives. 

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