The Heliotropic Mind

The Heliotropic Mind and 7 Emotions to Cultivate in Life

By Steven Aitchison 


If you’ve heard of a Heliotropic plant you’ll know that its stem grows in the direction of the sun so it can take full advantage of the photosynthesis process. I believe we have a Heliotropic Mind as well, we want to have positive emotions in our life and if we grow these positive emotions and cultivate them it will put the negative emotions into the shade.


We never want to get rid of negative emotions because they are a useful learning tool, and it is only natural that negativity is experienced throughout our lives. However, if we can cultivate and grow our positive emotions then we can shade the negative emotions when they arise.


I’d like to discuss seven emotions to cultivate in  life to put negative emotions in the shade. If you are feeling one emotion you can’t feel another particular emotion at the same time.  Hence, if you are feeling a positive emotion you can’t feel a negative emotion at the same time. So the more positive emotions you have the less negative emotions you have.

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