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Time for a Better Marriage


Drs. Jon Carlson and Don Dinkmeyer, Sr. (deceased) first developed this systematic, practical model for building marriage skills in the early 1980s. Now Jon Carlson has brought this classic book up to date, and readers will once again have access to these invaluable tools to help make their marriages rewarding, effective, and satisfying. TIME FOR A BETTER MARRIAGE shows couples how to encourage each other, resolve conflict, communicate effectively, maintain equality in the marriage relationship, and make better choices. Packed with useful examples and exercises -- including communication exercises, "marriage meetings," self-evaluation questionnaires, planning charts, review questions, and lists of key "points to remember" -- TIME FOR A BETTER MARRIAGE is a self-contained skill-building course -- available in book form for every couple that wants a more satisfying and lasting intimate relationship.

Included in the book are dozens of practical, helpful exercises to help build skills in communication and conflict resolution; self-evaluation measures help readers stay on track toward their marriage goals. A special feature: twenty-four wallet-size "Daily Focus" and "Marriage Skills" cards are bound into the book, giving partners all-day-long access to the skill-building tools they're using to improve their marriages.

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