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Superior coaching program for 1 full year!

Unlimited number of 1-hour sessions. A hand picked selection of my strengths-focused assessments, dashboard of your strengths and vulnerabilities, including personality insight, values assessment to focus your strategic direction for your future, leadership assessment, competitive analysis, plus your personal campaign strategy. Sessions will begin gentley enough, although your year will culminate with intensity.


This Advantage will provide you with a personal-selection of our most important and valuable strengths-focused psychological assessments plus an unlimited number of 1-hour sessions to integrate this information into your life situation. The assessments will illuminate - among other things - your:


  1. critical strengths
  2. leadership style
  3. developmental potential


The most simple and straightforward avenue ahead may be through this Advantage. This is my suggestion for moving forward. You can find a brief description of various coaching protocols with costs here.


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Consult your tax accountant: Executive Coaching may be tax deductable for self-employed or consultants.

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