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Understanding Your Grief

Wolfelt, Alan D., Ph.D

One of North America's most loved grief educators, Dr. Alan Wolfelt has written many books about healing in grief. This new book is his most comprehensive, covering the most important lessons that mourners have taught him in his two decades of working with the bereaved. 

In compassionate, everyday language (no pscyho-babble here), Understanding Your Grief explains the important difference between grief and mourning and explores the mourner's need to acknowledge the death and embrace the pain of the loss. This important book also explores the many factors that make each person's grief unique and the myriad of normal thoughts and feelings the mourner might have. Questions of spirituality and religion are addressed. Dr. Wolfelt also offers suggestions for good self-care. 

Throughout, Dr. Wolfelt affirms the readers' rights to be compassionate with themselves, lean on others for help, and trust in their innate ability to heal. Journaling sections encourage readers to articulate their unique thoughts and feelings. 

Ten Touchstones for Hope and Healing: 


Touchstone 1: Acknowledging the death.
Touchstone 2: Embracing the pain of the loss.
Touchstone 3: Why and how your grief is unique.
Touchstone 4: Telling the story and remembering the life.
Touchstone 5: What you may think and feel.
Touchstone 6: Taking care of yourself.
Touchstone 7: Rethinking who you are.
Touchstone 8: Rethinking the meaning of life and death.
Touchstone 9: Reaching out to others.
Touchstone 10: Reconciling your grief and healing.


All those who mourn deserve the support and companionship of this remarkable new book.

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