What is EAP

What is Anton's Employee Assistance Program? (EAP)


Anton's Employee Assistance Program is your organization's preferred resource to enhance employee and workplace effectiveness through prevention, identification and resolution of personal and productivity issues.

According to the Employee Assistance Professionals Association:

Over 82% of companies with 500+ employees have an EAP, and 62% of business owners with just 25 or more employees utilize an EAP for their workplace. 

In fact, EAP’s are the single most effective mechanism for recovering the job performance and career of employees who develop substance abuse drug problems, providing a 70% return to effective work performance.

An effective EAP is a key workplace benefit, not an insurance add-on and provides the employer with cost savings. Don’t be fooled by healthcare sellers or brokers who offer a weak counseling benefit or 1-800 referral service and call it an EAP. It may be cheap to buy, but poor service costs more in the long run.


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