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A great Employee Assistance Program works with staff and managers to achieve a healthier, happier, productive and more motivated workforce.

EAPs contribute to this outcome in a number of ways:


EAPs are based around a staff counseling service that helps resolve personal or workplace issues that can detract from staff commitment and work performance as well as leading to sickness, absenteeism and staff turn over.


Anton Counseling & Health Psychology goes beyond the traditional EAP counselling, offering a range of related services that further support management and improve the effectiveness of the program.


The fee structure of an EAP is also important as it should encourage use of the counseling and preventative services. Research has shown that every dollar invested on EAP services saves seven!


While EAPs vary according to organisations’ needs, the following factors have been identified as components of a ‘best practice’ EAP:


                                                  EAP Profile


  • Management commitment and union support
  • A workplace-based counseling and intervention strategy
  • An early intervention, assessment and counselling service for personal and work-related issues
  • Qualified and experienced professional psychologists or therapists capable of working with a broad range of issues
  • A fee structure that encourages use of both counseling and preventative services
  • Counseling services that are primarily accessed on a voluntary basis
  • Clearly defined organisational policies and procedures for the EAP
  • Regular publicity promoting the EAP to employees and their families
  • Training and briefing for management, supervisors and employees in the use of EAPs
  • Evaluation and ongoing monitoring of the program to assess and improve its effectiveness
  • Preventative programs and health promotion
  • Manager Support or Coaching
  • Corporate wellbeing training programs
  • Programs to offer self and supervisor/manager initiated referral
  • Access to outside independent counseling resources when appropriate
  • A service that is independent of any workers’ compensation or workplace rehabilitation service.
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