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Anton Counseling & Health Psychology provides services that address business concerns when it comes to supporting and ensuring the highest level of performance of their most valuable asset - their employees.


Anton's Corporate Enhancement program responds to the changing needs and pressures of your company's human resources in a proactive manner that supports an employee's ability to function effectively. This means confronting the personal problems and issues employees deal with at work and at home. We assist businesses to enhance employee's ability to contribute to productivity and quality initiatives.


Anton Counseling & Health Psychology can help your organization by applying clearly defined and delivered services. We will form a strategic partnership with you and support change that can assist in the ongoing continuous improvement efforts of your company.




By investing in your employees, through Anton Counseling & Health Psychology services, you can expect the following outcomes:


  • Improved Staff Attendance
  • Higher Productivity
  • Better Quality
  • Less Time Taken off for Medical Appointments
  • Fewer Accidents
  • Improved Time Management
  • Reduced Need For Supervision
  • Enhanced Communication with Colleagues and Supervisors
  • Reduced Workers Comp Claims
  • Fewer Disciplinary Hearings And Action
  • Lower Turnover Rates And Termination
  • More Positive Public Relations
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