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Anton's Corporate Enhancement program (EAP) provides a means of assessment and treatment for many personal and professional issues impacting a person's productivity and other job-performance measures.  Employee assistance benefits may be contracted through Anton Counseling & Health Psychology by your company.  Utilizing EAP/counseling benefits for your employees will not only save supervisor and manager time, but will contribute to a positive work environmment and positively impact upon employee engagement and your company's financial position.

Please call for a confidential consultation with Anton Counseling & Health Psychology regarding how to handle sensitive employee issues, explore options, brainstorm solutions and work on action plans. We will work with you to discuss available resources and the best way to support you, an individual employee or your team.

Executive Coaching is also available for a range of sensitive issues including:

     • developing your own leadership style;

     • focus and effectiveness;

     • productivity;

     • communication issues;

     • career changes;
     • concerning behaviour or appearance - optics;
     • Cross-cultural communication;
     • difficult personalities;
     • addictive behaviours;
     • intimacy;

     • expression of suicidal thoughts;
     • fragile or emotionally sensitive employees;
     • harassment;
     • inappropriate or atypical behaviour;
     • medical conditions;
     • personal hygiene issues;
     • serious illness;

For an immediate consultation, during regular business hours, please call Anton Counseling & Health Psychology at 1-888-655-5495.


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